Autorickshaw Price in India

Autorickshaws are normally used to ferry passengers or goods over short distances. Piaggio in Italy manufactured the APE, a motorized mode of transport in the 1950s. It was launched as an economical utility vehicle. In the 1960s, Bajaj got a license to manufacture the Ape in India as a mode of public transport. Today Bajaj …

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Loading Rickshaws in India

India is the leading global market for the production and sales of three-wheelers. India exports three-wheelers to regions including Europe, Middle East & Africa, and South Asia. Rickshaws are the most used three-wheelers in India. Rickshaws can be distinguished by type into two categories: passenger rickshaws or loading rickshaws. Everything you need to know about …

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Bajaj Auto Rickshaws Price List

MODEL NAME PRICE LIST(Rs.) 1.    Four-Stroke CNG BAJAJ RE-COMPACT Auto Rickshaw ₹ 2.25 lakh 2. CNG BAJAJ Maxima X-Wide Diesel Auto Rickshaw ₹ 2.35 lakh 3. CNG BAJAJ Maxima Z Auto Rickshaw ₹ 2.56 lakh 4. Yellow and Green CNG and Petrol BAJAJ Compact Auto Rickshaw ₹ 2.2 lakh 5. BS6 BAJAJ RE-COMPACT Diesel Auto …

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Cycle Rickshaw Price in India

Small-scale transportation is one of the most underrated means of transportation in India. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is a major form of transportation in the country.   A large number of vehicles travel in cities and small towns. A lot of them are cycle rickshaws.   If you are here wanting …

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Toto Rickshaw Prices in India

These days, Toto rickshaws or electric rickshaws have become a very popular mode of transport, especially in some cities of India like Kolkata, Delhi, Lucknow, Kanpur, Jaipur, Patna, and Varanasi. Toto rickshaws provide a comfortable ride and the fares are quite reasonable. This three-wheeler vehicle is best for covering short distances within the city or …

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