Autorickshaw Price in India

Autorickshaws are normally used to ferry passengers or goods over short distances. Piaggio in Italy manufactured the APE, a motorized mode of transport in the 1950s. It was launched as an economical utility vehicle. In the 1960s, Bajaj got a license to manufacture the Ape in India as a mode of public transport. Today Bajaj is the largest producer of auto selling in the domestic as well as foreign markets.

Autorickshaw price in India is reasonable enough for it to have a high demand abroad as well. The prices depend on the fuel used to drive these vehicles, like petrol, diesel, CNG or LPG.

Here’s a list of some of the most popular autorickshaws in India with their prices.

Autorickshaw Price in India (Ex-Showroom)

The ex-showroom prices of the popular models of autorickshaws are enlisted below:

Model Ex-Showroom Price ( INR )
Bajaj RE Compact 2.34 – 2.36 lakh
Bajaj Maxima Z 1.96 – 1.98 lakh
TVS King Deluxe 1.20 – 1.35 lakh
Piaggio Ape E city 2.84 lakh (approx.)
Mahindra Alfa 2.88 – 2.89  lakh
TVS King Duramax 1.80 – 2.25 lakh
Bajaj Maxima X Wide 2.45 – 2.47 lakh
Piaggio Ape Auto DX 3.52 – 3.54  lakh
Piaggio Ape Auto HT DX 2.56 lakh (approx.)


Autorickshaw Price in India (Location-based)

The Auto Rickshaw Price in Mumbai ranges from 2L to 3L. Whereas the auto price in Delhi may range from 1.5L to 2.5L. The following is a table with a comparative price study of three popular brands across different cities in India.


Bajaj Maxima

Mahindra Alfa

Piaggio Ape


2.3 L

2.51 L

1.8 L


2.3 L

2.48 L

2.75 L


2.25 L

2.48 L

2.72 L


2.56 L

2.32 L

2.94 L


1.83 L

2.48 L

2.28 L


2.35 L

2.51 L

1.95 L


2.42 L

2.48 L

2.43 L


2.25 L

2.48 L

2.94 L

Autorickshaws play a pivotal role in India’s transportation network. Its production doubled between 2003 and 2010. Today it provides employment to more than five million people. Driving an auto is the first option an individual looks at as soon as he comes to earn his living in a city.

E-rickshaw prices in India

    S. No.           E-rickshaw model         Prices 
1. Lohia Comfort F2F Rs. 1.55 lakh (approx.)
2. Mahindra e Alfa Rs. 1.26-1.28 lakh (approx)
3. Atul Elite Plus Rs. 1.12 lakh (approx)
-4. E-Ashaw E rickshaw Rs. 1.25 lakh (approx)
5. Mini metro E rickshaw Rs. 1.10 lakh (approx)

Autos are also available in a cargo version wherein it has a cover only above the driver’s cabin and no seats. It is very convenient for transporting small amounts of goods over short distances. Autos are also the best answer for first-mile or last-mile connectivity. The reason why you will find auto hubs at all underground metro stations, railway stations, bus stations, and airports.

Although the autorickshaw is ingrained in the fabric of Indian social life and the public transport system, it is imperative that some serious thought is given to its upgradation and improvement for the safety and comfort of both the driver and his passengers.


Design of the autorickshaw

The overall design of an auto is geared towards practicality rather than comfort.


8 ft



Steering control



2 or 4 stroke

Luggage space








Fuel type

Petrol, Diesel, CNG, LPG


Petrol – 35 km/lt
CNG – 43 km/kg

Due to its size, an autorickshaw is a convenient vehicle. It can slip through small gaps between buses and cars in the middle of crowded metro traffic. The handlebar steering makes driving easy to learn. The metal-encased motor is placed under the driver’s seat to balance its centre of gravity, preventing it from toppling over. The vehicle is slow, and its open carriage exposes its passengers to a lot of pollution.

The autos initially used to have 2-stroke engines that used to add to vehicular pollution on the roads. But of late, the engines have been upgraded to 4-stroke in order to control this problem. Bajaj is the only company that provides four forward and one reverse gear in all its autorickshaw models.

The newly available E rickshaws are emerging as an upgraded version of the autos on Indian roads. Many manufacturers of fuel-based autorickshaws are also diversifying into the production of electrically operated e-rickshaws.