Cycle Rickshaw Price in India

Small-scale transportation is one of the most underrated means of transportation in India. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is a major form of transportation in the country.
A large number of vehicles travel in cities and small towns. A lot of them are cycle rickshaws.
If you are here wanting to know about the price list of cycle rickshaws in India, you have come to the right place. Scroll down to know the price of different types of cycle rickshaws and their prices.

1. Garbage Cycle Rickshaw

Garbage Cycle Rickshaw

These Rickshaws are very economic and convenient for keeping our environment clean, and giving employment to the low-income groups, and can be acquired with customization for solid and liquid waste. These low-cost rickshaws are not only supporting the low-income groups but are also assisting the big Industries to remain economic. They are mostly manufactured by Delhi traders and are sold under brands like Sangam plastic industries, Lakshmi industries which is Indore based, Krishna polymer Industries, Delhi based.

PRICE: Around, Rs 10,000

2. Eco Body Cycle Rickshaw

Eco Body Cycle Rickshaw
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These rickshaws are mainly used for carrying people, and the person pulling the rickshaw usually toils and pedals the cycle to pull it. The rickshaw has a dense intend, high load proceedings resistance, and dependability. The cycle rickshaw comes under various brands like Sunshine Industries, Ludhiana based, Roswell International Industries Ludhiana based, radiate designs Private Limited, Delhi based and so on but Ludhiana is the main manufacture of such cycle rickshaws

PRICE: Around Rs 16,000

3. Electric Cycle Rickshaw

Electric Cycle Rickshaw

These rickshaws are battery operated and are less strenuous for drivers to operate, and are replacing the traditional rickshaws, enabling the drivers to make more trips. The majority of manufacturers are in Bengal, Bihar, North Eastern states producing these rickshaws and they are locally assembled.


4-seater electric cycle rickshaw costs around Rs 35,000

6-seater rickshaw costs around Rs 46,000

8 seater rickshaw costs around Rs 50,000

There has been a rapid growth in the number of e rickshaws, in both big and small cities, owing to their convenience and the preferences of the people, because of the low fare.

How Is The Cost Recovered?

The fare that the passengers pay to travel in a rickshaw is obviously very less and can cost around 50 to 80 rupees for Mile, depending upon the city. The traditional rickshaw owners can recover the cost in, I think two to three months. If he takes at least 10 rides and earns at least 300 to 400 rupees per day. 

For E rickshaw, as one passenger pays rupees 10, so for a 4 seater Rickshaw, one ride would pay around 40 rupees to the owner, and in the whole day, he can easily make rupees 500. So, it would take him also three to four months, to recover the cost. Whereas the garbage Rikshaw Owners can easily recover the cost in a month or a couple of months, because he is charging for the services that he is providing, and the Rickshaws are also very cheap.