Club car tempo vs Precedent

For many, the quest for the perfect golf cart ends at two prominent models: the Club Car Tempo and Club Car Precedent. But what makes each of them stand out, and how do they differ? In this article, we dissect their features, design, and performance to provide clarity.

Club Car Tempo

The Club Car Tempo, a pinnacle of golf car design, offers a seamless blend of performance, style, and functionality. Available in both gas and electric versions, its key features include:

  • Engine: A robust 350cc engine
  • Ground Clearance: 4.5 inches for smooth rides on uneven terrains
  • Design: Modern automotive aesthetic, setting it apart in the market
  • Comfort: Connected seatback for relaxed journeys
  • Tech Perks: A built-in drainage system, GPS yardage display, and an electronic scorecard

Club Car Precedent

The Club Car Precedent, renowned for its reliability and comfort over a decade, has been a top pick for golf enthusiasts. Key features encompass:

  • Variants: Available in both electric and gasoline models
  • Chassis Design: A new design making it stronger and lighter
  • Frame: Aluminum frame suitable for coastal regions
  • Seat Design: Bench style seat for optimum comfort
  • Appearance: Rounded front bumper, halogen light bar, and a tinted folding windshield
  • Materials: Superior materials that ensure better impact absorption and integrated drainage system

Difference of Club Car Tempo vs Precedent

FeatureClub Car TempoClub Car Precedent
Introduction YearIntroduced later (around 2018)Introduced earlier (around 2004)
DesignMore modern, sleeker look with automotive stylingClassic design, known for its proven platform
Standard SeatsPremium seats that are more contoured.Basic seats that are flat and firm
ConnectivityOffers an optional “Shark Experience” that provides a multimedia experience with music, GPS, etc.Typically does not offer this advanced multimedia experience
Battery OptionsTypically offers more modern and diverse options, including lithium-ion optionsTraditional lead-acid batteries, though some newer models may offer upgraded options
ChargingComes with an improved ERIC charging system (Efficient, Reliable, Intelligent, Consistent)Earlier models have PowerDrive chargers, newer ones might have ERIC
Aluminum FrameYes, for rust resistance and lightweight structureYes, for rust resistance and lightweight structure
Price PointTypically priced higher due to newer features and designsMore affordable given its older design, but price varies based on specific configurations


Similarity of Club Car Tempo vs Precedent

While both the Club Car Tempo and Precedent offer unique features, they share similarities that highlight Club Car’s commitment to quality. Notably:

  • Both are constructed using top-notch materials ensuring durability.
  • Both models present groundbreaking technology and design.
  • They offer a ground clearance of 4.5 inches, facilitating rides on diverse terrains.
  • The Tempo and Precedent models have engines designed for optimum performance, with the Tempo boasting a 3.3 horsepower motor and the Precedent a 350cc engine.


Both the Club Car Tempo and Precedent stand as testaments to Club Car’s dedication to innovation and quality. Whether you prefer the enhanced power of the Tempo or the tried-and-true reliability of the Precedent, you’re in for a superior golf cart experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which Club Car model offers better horsepower, the Tempo or the Precedent?The Club Car Tempo boasts a 3.3 horsepower motor, while the Precedent comes with a 350cc engine.
  2. Do both Club Car models come with similar ground clearance?Yes, both the Club Car Tempo and Precedent offer a ground clearance of 4.5 inches, ensuring smooth rides across varying terrains.
  3. What are the unique features of the Club Car Tempo and Precedent?The Tempo is known for its modern automotive aesthetic, connected seatback, and tech perks like GPS yardage display. In contrast, the Precedent is renowned for its new chassis design, bench-style seat, and rounded front bumper appearance.