BAJAJ Auto Rickshaws Price List

Why BAJAJ Auto Rickshaws?

The Bajaj Group, founded in 1926, is currently one of the top ten business houses in India. It has a wide range of industries including automobiles— manufacturers of both two-wheelers and three-wheelers, home appliances, and many more. Bajaj Auto is now leading the table as the fourth largest three and two-wheeler manufacturer in the world.

The brand is also well-known in Latin America, Africa, Middle East, South, and Southeast Asia. It has also led the introduction of India’s first-ever Quadricycle Qute. BAJAJ Auto Rickshaw price list is very much coordinated with the customers’ budget— pocket-friendly. 

Office details:

Contact: +91 7219821111

 Email: [email protected]

Why the BAJAJ Auto Rickshaws are preferable?

There are lots of attractive features which attract the customers to buy the BAJAJ Auto Rickshaw to fulfill the needs. These have exactly what the customers want.

  • New Superior 236 CC FI ENGINE for Petrol/CNG/LPG & powerful 470 CC engine for diesel
  • Has better pick-up & powerful performance
  • It irritants resolved for RE – CNG, LPG & Petrol (Tuning, cold starting & vibrations etc)
  • Has Improved gradeability
  • There are new safety doors and upgraded legroom
  • Trending dashboard with music system provision is available
  • Interior & exterior are both stylish
  • New EAC with hidden hinge for easy access
  • Comes with three free services
  • 1,00,000 km with 3 years warranty for diesel and 40,000 km and 12 months warranty for CNG/LPG/PETROL.

Price List of Various BAJAJ Auto Rickshaws

1.    Four-Stroke CNG BAJAJ RE-COMPACT Auto Rickshaw2.25 lakh
2. CNG BAJAJ Maxima X-Wide Diesel Auto Rickshaw2.35 lakh
3. CNG BAJAJ Maxima Z Auto Rickshaw2.56 lakh
4. Yellow and Green CNG and Petrol BAJAJ Compact Auto Rickshaw2.2 lakh
5. BS6 BAJAJ RE-COMPACT Diesel Auto Rickshaw2.42 lakh
6. BAJAJ Maxima Z Compact CNG Auto Rickshaw2.24 lakh
7. LPG BAJAJ Compact Auto Rickshaw2.5 lakh
8. Yellow Four-Stroke BAJAJ Compact Auto Rickshaw2.05 lakh
9. Four-Stroke Petrol BAJAJ Auto Rickshaw2.25 lakh
10. BAJAJ RE-CARGO Auto Rickshaw2.45 lakh
11. Diesel BAJAJ Maxima X Wide Auto Rickshaw3 lakh
12. Four-Stroke BAJAJ RE-COMPACT CNG 4S Auto Rickshaw2.42 lakh
13. Four-Stroke BAJAJ RE-COMPACT Diesel Auto Rickshaw2.3 lakh
14. BAJAJ Maxima Z LPG Auto Rickshaw2.2 lakh
15. BAJAJ Yellow RE-LPG Auto Rickshaw1.99 lakh
16. BAJAJ RE-COMPACT Diesel Auto Rickshaw2.15 lakh
17. Diesel BAJAJ Maxima Z Auto Rickshaw2.43 lakh
18. Diesel 470 Cc Bajaj Cargo BS6 Auto Rickshaw2.73 lakh
19. BAJAJ RE- COMPACT 4S CNG BS61.87 lakh
20. BAJAJ Compact Petrol BS62.04 lakh
21. BAJAJ Re Maxima Z LPG BS61.99 lakh
22. Black and Yellow BAJAJ Passenger Auto Rickshaw1.5 lakh
23. Black Bajaj Maxima Wide Body- Auto Rickshaw Passenger BS6 (3 Wheeler)2.65 lakh
24. Bajaj Maxima Z LPG- Auto Rickshaw Passenger (3 Wheeler)2.02 lakh
25. Yellow 4 Stroke DTSI Technology Bajaj Auto Rickshaw2.09 lakh

Thus, here you have the entire BAJAJ Auto Rickshaws price list with twenty-five various types. For more details, contact the office and dealers and get your auto rickshaw now. 


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