Government approved E rickshaw Company

Electric rickshaws have become a significant part of the transportation landscape in India, dominating with a whopping 83% share in the electric vehicle market. With the environmental and socio-economic advantages they bring, about 15 lakh e-rickshaws ply on the roads, with an additional 11,000 joining the fleet every month. This article dives into the importance of government approval and highlights the top e-rickshaw companies in India.

Top E-Rickshaw Companies in India

If you’re considering an e-rickshaw for business or personal use, knowing the top players in the market can guide your decision. Here’s a list of the leading e-rickshaw manufacturers in India:

Mahindra Electric

e-alfa Super

Evolved from its partnership with Reva Electricals in 1994, Mahindra Electric Mobility produces robust electric three-wheelers like the Mahindra Treo. With features like low maintenance, weather-resistant roofs, and hazard indicators, it’s a top choice. The Alfa mini rickshaw is another popular model for passengers.

Atul Auto

A major player for over 30 years, Atul Auto is renowned for its eco-friendly and reliable three-wheelers. Their Atul Elite e-rickshaws, available in both cargo and passenger variants, stand out for their stylish design and top-notch features.

City Life


City Life offers a broad spectrum of budget-friendly and eco-friendly e-rickshaws. Their models, like the Standard+ and Butterfly, are designed keeping both driver and passenger comfort in mind.


Saera Electric Auto Pvt Ltd, branded as ‘Mayuri’, has been a favored choice among Indian customers for its innovative technology and quality e-rickshaws like the Mayuri Pro Grand and Mayuri Loader.

JSA Auto

JSA E-Rickshaw King

Established in 2010, J.S. Auto Pt Ltd. has carved a niche with high-quality three-wheelers. Their popular models, like JSA Ultra and JSA Star, are known for their smart features and durability.

Terra Motors

Founded in 2014, Terra Motors offers a range of affordable and low-maintenance e-rickshaws. Models like YA and Sumo are popular in the Indian market.

Thukral Electric

An indigenous player, Thukral Electric’s offerings like Thukral ER-1 are approved by the Indian government and are known for their superior performance.

Saarthi Shavak

Under the brand name ‘SAARTHI’, Saarthie-rickshaw focuses on creating e-rickshaws that are eco-friendly. Models like Saarthi Comfort and Saarthi Lifeline are known for their state-of-the-art technology.

The Importance of Government Approval

Government approval in the realm of transportation is not just a mere stamp of authenticity. It’s a comprehensive procedure that addresses safety, environmental impact, and market health. Here’s why it’s pivotal:

Safety Standards

  • Rider and Driver Safety: Ensures e-rickshaws are constructed to protect both passengers and drivers during accidents. This involves stability, construction quality, and necessary safety features like effective brakes.
  • Pedestrian Safety: Predictable road behavior of approved e-rickshaws reduces risks for pedestrians.
  • Traffic Flow: Ensures e-rickshaws can blend seamlessly with other vehicles, causing fewer traffic disruptions.

Quality Control

  • Durability: Vehicles are tested for extended use under diverse conditions.
  • Battery and Electrical System Integrity: Reduces the risk of electrical fires or malfunctions, ensuring the vehicle’s longevity.
  • Consumer Trust: A government-approved badge increases consumer confidence, boosting sales and brand reputation.

Environmental Compliance

  • Emissions: Regulates environmental harm due to manufacturing processes and end-of-life disposal.
  • Battery Disposal: Ensures eco-friendly battery usage and disposal methods.

Regulation of Market

  • Preventing Market Saturation: High entry standards ensure only quality manufacturers prevail.
  • Consumer Protection: Protects consumers from fraudulent or inferior products.
  • Economic Stability: A balanced supply-demand equation supports business profitability and consumer affordability.


Government-approved e-rickshaw companies offer an edge in safety, quality, and environmental consciousness. Investing in any of these top companies guarantees a smooth and efficient ride, ensuring safety and reducing the carbon footprint. However, it’s always wise to do thorough research based on individual requirements and budget before making a purchase.