E-Rickshaw Motor 1000-watt price

An electric rickshaw or commonly known as an e-rickshaw is a battery-operated vehicle that runs on electricity and human power. It doesn’t emit any smoke or sound, making it environmentally friendly while running, making it a preferred choice among the masses worldwide.

An efficient and durable electric rickshaw can run up to 100 kilometres with one full charge. They are ideal for short-distance travel where commuters don’t have to go more than 30km/hr. As per government regulation, some states also offer subsidies on electric rickshaws so that more people invest in this environment-friendly public transport system.

Prices of an E- Rickshaw Motors

S. No. Model Price (approximately)
1. Generic E-Rickshaw motor – 1000 watt 48V ₹ 13,000
2. Generic E- Rickshaw controller 48V/50A 1000 watt₹ 7,000
3. Generic ImpulseGO CY E- Rickshaw motor 48V/50A 1000 watt motor ₹ 12,000
4.Tsuyo E- rickshaw motor ₹ 6,488
5.CY Motor for E-Rickshaw ₹ 6,000

Which type of E- rickshaw includes this battery?

The rickshaw motor 1000 watt price is a battery-driven three-wheeler. It is best suited for passengers and generally operates within the city limits. The top speed of an E rickshaw is around 25 kmph, making it slow compared to other two-wheelers in India. But it has several advantages over scooters, motorcycles, and cars like fuel efficiency, easy parking, low cost, etc.

How to charge an E-rickshaw motor 1000 watts?

All-electric vehicles need regular charging sessions to keep them running smoothly and efficiently. This is true even for batteries used in rickshaws. The battery’s lifespan can be extended by charging it properly and using good-quality batteries. 

Here is the step-by-step procedure to charge your e-rickshaw motor 1000 watts:

Step 1: Attach connectors to the terminals on either side of the battery case.

Step 2: Use a voltmeter to check that voltage across the terminals is around 48 volts before connecting the charger. If not, clean, repair or replace cables and/or wires as needed.

Step 3: Ensure all enclosures are adequately closed before hooking up the charger. 

Step 4: Ensure your input voltage is correct for your battery charger. 

Step 5: Plug in the charger, switch it on and start the charging process.


The Indian government has taken several initiatives to promote this eco-friendly mode of transportation by offering financial support for purchasing such vehicles through various schemes like Modified FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Hybrid & Electric Vehicles in India). 

If you are planning to purchase a motor for your e – rickshaw, make sure that you do the market research, compare the prices and other specifications, before you make a final choice.