Auto Rickshaw Front Glass Price

Are you looking for an Auto rickshaw Front Glass price list in India? Then we have all the details here with the best deals available on them.

Auto Rickshaw Front Glass Price

Auto Rickshaws have become one of the most popular modes of transportation across India due to their low cost and ease of availability. These work well for urban as well as rural settings for similar reasons. Auto glass made for different vehicles vary in thickness and curvature depending upon the particular vehicle application.

The average price of an Auto windshield is around Rs 600-2000, depending on your Auto model, and the year it was manufactured.

Price List Table

S. No.ModelPriceBrand
1. Half Windscreen without stand₹ 650Nanya Airconn Pvt. Ltd 
2. Natural E-Rickshaw Wind Shield ₹  550ORIGINAL TUFF
3.E Ricksaw Windshield ₹  1,300EEV
4.E Rickshaw Front Glass ₹  1,400 E- Rikshaw Emporium
5.E Rikshaw Wind Shield Glass Frame ₹  1,000Rawat Industries
6.E Rickshaw Front Glass ₹  1,850R. P Engineering

There could be times when the parts of the auto-rickshaw get affected due to difficult weather conditions, accidents, or the course of time. You will be then required to change certain parts of your auto-rickshaw. Make sure that you buy only good quality parts for your auto-rickshaw.

Where to get your Windscreen Replaced?

If your windshield is damaged and you are looking for a good quality spare windshield in the market, then check out the nearest service centre to get it replaced. We will suggest you get it done from the service centre to avail the benefits mentioned below:-

  • Service from the experts in this field.
  • Fast service ( mostly done within a day)
  • Record maintenance and tracking of your vehicle.
  • Original spare parts.

If you want then it can be claimed in your insurance but you have to check all the terms and conditions for the same. Try to go to your authorized service centre and get it done from there. By doing this your record is maintained so if you want to resell your auto then it will help in getting a good price.

If you want to get it done from the outside then please check that the windshield is the original one and installed safely, as it concerns your safety and your client also. We know that it is cheap to get it done from the outside but it concerns safety. Check it properly as if anything is missing in case any mishappening did happen with your vehicle then it will not be claimed insurance.