Mahindra Treo battery price

Mahindra Treo is a three-wheeler electric auto from Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd. It is considered as one of the leading vehicles in the Indian market Launched in 2010, the Indian vehicle was the world’s first three-wheeler to have electric power train technology built into it. 

Mahindra Treo uses a lithium-ion battery, that requires zero maintenance for at least five years. After a significant period of time, your battery might start wearing out and you will require a new battery. It is important to install the right kind of battery in your auto-rickshaw so that it works smoothly and leads to a comfortable ride throughout.

Price of Mahindra Treo Battery & Specifications

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The price of the battery will vary depending on the dealer selling it. Make sure that you compare the prices, before making an investment.

1. 48V Mahindra Treo Lithium Battery – High Capacity

Mahindra Treo Lithium Battery
Price ₹ 1.40 lakh
Battery capacity150 AH
Voltage 48V
Battery type Lithium ferro phosphate
Charging Time 0-100% @Standard Conditions3 h 50 min
Battery SizePrismatic

2. E Rickshaw Lithium/Lifepo4 Battery 48V

Price ₹ 58,000
Battery capacity85 AH
Voltage 48V
Battery type Lithium ferro phosphate
Warranty3 years


The auto-rickshaw market in India has seen tremendous growth within a short period. More and more people are switching to (lightweight three-wheeler) auto-rickshaws for their day-to-day commute, which are not only cost-efficient but also eco-friendly. Mahindra Treo is a perfect e-rickshaw for the Indian sub-continent, that gives a mileage of 140 km per charge. Investing in its battery is definitely worth it.