How many cc is an Auto rickshaw engine?

Auto-rickshaws continue to cater to the needs of lakhs of people for their transportation needs. Apart from being a great mode of transportation, there are different models of auto-rickshaws in the market that are widely used for loading and other purposes. But all the automobile enthusiasts, have you ever wondered how many ‘cc’ is an auto-rickshaw engine? Let’s discuss this.

Cc of an Auto rickshaw engine

The ideal cc of a mid-sized auto rickshaw is 145.45 cc and can go further, depending on the model and structure of the vehicle. The cc of an auto rickshaw also depends on the engine installed in the vehicle, which includes diesel, petrol, LPG, and CNG. India’s most loved auto rickshaw, Bajaj Compact RE, comes with an engine displacement of 236.2 cc. Before analyzing the cc of an auto rickshaw engine, it is important to understand what exactly it means.

What is meant by the cc of an engine?

The word cc might sound very technical, so let’s simplify and use it for our readers. Cc stands for the cubic capacity of an engine cylinder and refers to the size of an engine cylinder. The size of an auto-rickshaw engine can determine how powerful an engine is. This simply means the higher the cc of an engine, the larger the cylinder. Keep in mind that an auto rickshaw with higher cc would need extra fuel to complete each stroke. Cc is an important element to determine the power output and fuel required by this three-wheeler vehicle.

Cc of top 5 auto-rickshaws in India

Take a look at the cc of the top 5 auto-rickshaw models available in India:

 S. No.          Auto-rickshaw model         CC
1. Bajaj Compact RE 236.2 cc
2. TVS King Deluxe 199.26 cc
3. Mahindra Alfa 597 cc
4. Bajaj Maxima Z 236.2 cc
5. Piaggio Ape City Plus 597.7 cc

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What type of engine is used in auto-rickshaws?

The most common type of engines used in an auto rickshaw run on CNG, petrol, diesel, and LPG.

2. What is the speed of an auto-rickshaw?

The average speed of a mid-sized auto-rickshaw ranges from 50 to 60 km.

3. How much horsepower does an auto-rickshaw have?

Horsepower is the measurement of force produced by a vehicle’s engine. An auto-rickshaw can provide a horsepower of 7.00 HP at 5000 revolutions per minute.

4. What is the mileage of the auto?

Although the mileage can depend on the brand and its specifications, a usual auto provides a 35-40 km per liter mileage.


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