Who invented the auto-rickshaw?

Auto-rickshaws, the amazing three-wheeler vehicles, has been a part of our daily commutes for a really long time, simply for being affordable, quick, and convenient. But have you ever wondered who invented the auto-rickshaw? Well, in the article, we shall be discussing the history of auto-rickshaws.

Who invented the auto-rickshaw?

The invention of the auto-rickshaw dates back to the year 1869 in Japan by Izumi Yosuke, Takayama Kosuke, and Suzuki Tokujiro. This invention leads to the birth of various similar models, namely, the trishaw, cyclo, cycle-rickshaw, and many more. According to some texts, there were about 40,000 rickshaws on the streets of Tokyo just after three years of its invention.

Rickshaws soon started to appear in cities like Beijing, Shanghai, and Hong Kong in 1874. The number of auto-rickshaws kept increasing, and neighboring countries like India, China, and Indonesia started to take inspiration. As soon as auto-rickshaws started to be used widely in South Asian countries and some parts of Africa, each country and region came up with newer styles and layouts, often reflecting their local customs and age-old practices. Auto-rickshaws played a huge role in the transportation of common and middle-class people through the 80s and 90s due to their low cost of hire.

However, many claim that auto-rickshaws were first invented in Italy in 1947. These claims come from the Italian company Piaggio introducing the modern-style auto-rickshaw. Although the auto-rickshaw was being used much before Piaggio produced it, there is no denying that the company had a major role in the commercialization of auto-rickshaws.

Introduction of Piaggio Ape

Piaggio Ape is one of the few companies that has played a huge part in revolutionizing auto rickshaws. They produced their first commercial three-wheeler vehicle in the year 1948. The idea of building a three-wheeled commercial vehicle was proposed by Vespa’s inventor Corradino D’Ascanio to power Italy’s economic reconstruction. Since then, Piaggio has gone through major transformations and has been active in the production of different body styles in Italy and Italy. Over the years, Piaggio Ape has designed various configurations of auto-rickshaws that fulfill load-carrying needs as well as transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Who invented the auto-rickshaw in India?

Navalmal Firodia introduced India to auto-rickshaws under the guidance of Piaggio. Firodia, with the help of the government, made a pact with Piaggio, and the bodies of the auto-rickshaw were made in India.

2. Who designed the first auto-rickshaw?

The first auto-rickshaw was designed in Japan by Izumi Yosuke, Takayama Kosuke, and Suzuki Tokujiro.

3. Which city is called the city of the rickshaw?

Dhaka is known as the city of rickshaws, as the auto-rickshaws cater to over 70 lakh people on a daily basis.


The evolution of auto-rickshaws is amazing to know, isn’t it? We hope our readers liked this information about who invented the auto-rickshaw. Stay connected for more informative content!

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