Livguard E Rickshaw Battery Price List

Electric rickshaws (e-rickshaws) have become a sustainable transportation alternative, especially in regions like India. A vital component of these vehicles is their batteries. Livguard, a leading battery manufacturer, offers a range tailored for e-rickshaws. This article delves into the price list of Livguard e-rickshaw batteries, exploring factors influencing these prices and their benefits.

Livguard- overview

Before delving into the price list, understanding Livguard as a brand is important. Livguard emerged as a major provider of automotive, stationary, and e-rickshaw batteries in India. Their USP is their claim to advanced technology and long-lasting batteries that promise more mileage and better performance.

Livguard E-Rickshaw Battery Price List

Model Name/Number Price Capacity Warranty Technology
E-Shakti LG B0 ERFP 1500 ₹14,500 100 Ah 6 Months Flat Plate
E-Shakti LG C0 ERTU 1800 ₹ 9,279 110 Ah 9 Months Tubular
E-Shakti LG D0 ERTU2300 ₹ 10,300 130 Ah 12 Months Tubular
E-Shakti LG D0 ERTU2500 ₹11,699 140 Ah 15 Months Tubular

Livguard Lithium 48V85Ah

_ 80 Ah, 51.8 V 36 Months Lithium

Top 5 Livguard E-Rickshaw Battery Price List

Livguard E-Shakti battery is not just a regular battery; it’s a battery tailored to match the unique demands of e-rickshaws. Bringing together the robustness of a tubular structure and cutting-edge innovation, it’s the ultimate choice for those who prioritize power, safety, and longevity, irrespective of the terrains they tread. And guess what? It’s also a friend to Mother Earth, promising extended battery life without harming the environment.

1. E-Shakti LG B0 ERFP 1500

Key Specifications

Feature Specification
Warranty 6 Months
Capacity 100 Ah @ C
Dimensions 410 x 175 x 229 mm
Polarity L

2. E-Shakti LG C0 ERTU 1800

Key Specifications

Aspect Details
Warranty 9 Months
Capacity 121 Ah @ C2O
Dimensions 410 x 175 x 229 mm
Technology Tubular

3. E-Shakti LG D0 ERTU 2300

Key Specifications

Aspect Details
Warranty 12 Months
Capacity 130 Ah @ C
Dimensions 410 x 175 x 229 mm
Technology Tubular

4. E-Shakti LG D0 ERTU 2500

Key Specifications

Aspect Details
Warranty 12 Months
Capacity 130 Ah @ C
Dimensions 410 x 175 x 229 mm
Technology Tubular


5. Livguard Lithium 48V85Ah

If you’re into electric 2-wheelers, the Livguard Lithium 48V85Ah might just become your new best friend. This isn’t just any battery – it’s a swappable NMC powerhouse! Tailored for any and every terrain you decide to conquer, it promises jaw-dropping power, unbeatable durability, and top-tier safety. And that’s not all! The techy bits? An innovative blend of smart BMS, IoT, Cloud magic, superb thermal management, and the crème de la crème of cells. The result? Stellar mileage, lightning-fast charging, years of trusty service, and more jingle in your pocket. You ride more, worry less, and earn big!

Key Specifications

Feature Value
Warranty 36 Months
Capacity and Voltage 80 Ah, 51.8 V
Dimensions 415(L) X 300(W) X 252(H) mm
Weight 35 Kg

Why Consider Livguard Batteries?

  1. Reliability: The brand has built a reputation for providing reliable products.
  2. Advanced Technology: Livguard continuously innovates, ensuring customers get the latest in battery technology.
  3. Service Network: A wide service network means issues, if any, can be quickly addressed.
  4. Positive Reviews: Many e-rickshaw drivers and operators have praised the longevity and performance of Livguard batteries.

Why does Battery Choice matter?

Batteries are to e-rickshaws what engines are to conventional vehicles. Their performance, durability, and longevity dictate the overall experience of the driver and the passenger. Therefore, selecting the right battery is crucial. It can determine:

  1. Range: How far an e-rickshaw can travel on a single charge.
  2. Lifespan: The overall life of the battery before needing a replacement.
  3. Performance: Speed, torque, and overall responsiveness of the e-rickshaw.
  4. Operational Cost: A durable battery requires fewer replacements, leading to reduced expenses over time.


Livguard’s e-rickshaw batteries stand out in a competitive market due to their technological advancements, reliable performance, and well-established service network. Choosing the right battery significantly affects the efficiency and longevity of e-rickshaws. Given Livguard’s commitment to innovation and the positive feedback from users, potential buyers and e-rickshaw operators should consider this brand when seeking a blend of performance and value.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is Livguard considered a top choice for e-rickshaw batteries?
Livguard has earned its reputation due to its advanced battery technology, reliability, and positive reviews from e-rickshaw operators.

2. How does the battery capacity impact the performance of e-rickshaws?
A higher battery capacity often translates to a longer range, allowing e-rickshaws to travel greater distances on a single charge.

3. What factors affect the pricing of Livguard e-rickshaw batteries?
The pricing is influenced by various elements, including manufacturing costs, demand and supply dynamics, R&D investments, and market competition.