Eastman E Rickshaw Battery Price List

In the modern era of urban transportation, e-rickshaws are becoming increasingly popular. These electric alternatives to traditional rickshaws offer a sustainable mode of transport, tackling issues like pollution and congestion in cities globally. Central to these vehicles is their battery, which powers and propels them. Among the market leaders in this field, Eastman stands out as a trusted brand, a cornerstone of e-rickshaw power solutions.

Eastman E-Rickshaw Battery Price List

Sr. No.Model No.PriceNominal VoltageDimension (L X W X H) mmWarranty*
1.EM16024ER₹13,000.0012V411X190X27524 Months
2.EM150ER₹10,200.0012V411X190X27518 Months
3.EM13518ER₹9,000.0012V411X172X27518 Months
4.EM14515ER₹45,500.0012V411X172X27515 Months
5.EM13515ER₹8,750.0012V411X172X27515 Months
6.EM135012ER₹39,700.0012V365X188X26212 Months
7.EM12512ER₹10,000.0012V365X188X36212 Months
8.EM120ER₹9,400.0012V411X172X27512 Months
9.EM12012ER₹36,500.0012V411X172X23512 Months
10.EM1009ER₹24,000.0012V411X172X23509 Months
11.EM1209ER₹7,500.0012V411X172X27509 Months
12.EM1006ER₹8,000.0012V411X172X23509 Months
13.EM1206ER₹10,200.0012V411X172X27506 Months

Eastman E-Rickshaw Tubular Battery

What’s in it for you?

  • Enjoy steady performance without breaking the bank with the Eastman Tubular E-Rickshaw Battery.
  • Choose from various warranty options: 6, 9, 12, 15, or a whopping 24 months!
  • Eco-lovers rejoice! The aqua trap vent plugs are designed to minimize acidic fumes and spillage.
  • Trust in its reliability; it outshines other flat plate batteries in the market.
  • Wave goodbye to frequent maintenance! Lesser water topping-up than most competitors.
  • Drive more, spend less! Its cost per km ensures maximum savings.

E-Rickshaw Battery Highlights:

  • Go farther with higher mileage.
  • Faster recharging thanks to specially designed E-Rickshaw battery chargers.
  • Expect a longer cycle life.
  • No-spillage vent plugs, made from flame-retardant materials, for your safety.
  • It’s built tough to be vibration-resistant.
  • Minimal self-discharge, less than 2mv per day. Energy efficient!

Eastman – An Overview

Eastman is more than a brand; it’s a legacy in the automotive battery sector. Steeped in innovation, trust, and quality, Eastman’s rise in the industry is noteworthy.

Historical Legacy: Initiating as a humble venture, Eastman expanded over time, evolving from a modest battery manufacturer to a global brand. This transition reflects their unwavering commitment to excellence.

Manufacturing Excellence: Equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing units, Eastman integrates the latest technology, meeting international quality benchmarks. This ensures that every Eastman battery is top-notch.

Research & Development: Innovation is at the heart of Eastman’s operations. Their vibrant R&D team, comprising scientists, engineers, and researchers, consistently works on next-gen battery solutions, ensuring that Eastman remains a trendsetter.

Global Reach: From localized beginnings, Eastman now has a global footprint. Their extensive network of distributors and service centers guarantees that their top-quality products are available to a broad audience.

Factors Influencing Battery Pricing

Before one delves into the price list, understanding the key pricing determinants is essential:

  • Material Cost: Elements like lead, acid, or advanced materials for lithium-ion batteries play a significant role in pricing.
  • Manufacturing Process: Advanced production techniques can hike costs.
  • Battery Capacity: Batteries with higher ampere-hours (Ah) usually have a higher price tag.
  • Brand Reputation: Premium brands might have a steeper price.
  • Warranty & After-Sales Support: Extensive warranty periods can increase the cost.

Features of Eastman E-Rickshaw Batteries

Eastman batteries are designed to be durable and efficient. Their standout features include:

  • Robust Design: Crafted to endure challenging terrains and extended use.
  • Longer Lifespan: Thanks to quality materials and excellent manufacturing.
  • Quick Charging: Ensures minimal downtime for e-rickshaws.

Feedback from Users

Consumer feedback is pivotal for product evolution. Eastman e-rickshaw batteries, based on reviews, often receive applause for their longevity and consistent output. Of course, like all products, occasional hiccups might occur, but Eastman’s proactive approach to addressing concerns is commendable.


In the bustling world of e-rickshaws, the right battery is the key to efficiency and reliability. Eastman, with its rich legacy, top-tier offerings, and consumer-centric approach, remains a preferred choice for many. As the e-rickshaw trend surges forward, so does Eastman’s commitment to powering the future sustainably.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why choose Eastman e-rickshaw batteries?

Eastman offers a blend of innovation, quality, and a robust legacy, making their batteries reliable for e-rickshaws.

  1. Does battery capacity affect Eastman’s battery price?

Yes, higher ampere-hours (Ah) typically means a higher price due to extended battery life.

  1. What’s the warranty on Eastman e-rickshaw batteries?

You should note as is clear from the above table, that different Eastman models offer a different warranty.