Exide E Rickshaw Battery price list

Electric rickshaws, commonly known as e-rickshaws, have emerged as a sustainable and cost-effective mode of urban transportation in various parts of the world. The heart of an e-rickshaw, ensuring its efficiency and performance, is its battery. Exide, a globally recognized battery manufacturer, stands tall as a major contributor in the e-rickshaw segment. In this article, we delve into the Exide e-rickshaw battery price list, looking at various aspects such as the battery technology used, the product range available, and the different factors influencing the prices.

Exide E Rickshaw Battery Price List

Model Name/NumberPriceCapacityWarrantyVoltage
ERFLPLUS100L₹ 9,090100 Ah12 Months12V
ERFLPLUS120L₹ 8,090120 Ah12 Months12V
ERTBPLUS10000₹ 6,509100 Ah7 Months12V
ERTBPLUS12000₹ 7,000100 Ah9 Months12V
ERTBPLUS100L₹ 7,150100 Ah12 Months12 V
ERTBPLUS120L₹ 7,500115 Ah12 Months12 V

Battery Technology

Lead-Acid Battery: This age-old battery technology is renowned for its affordability and has found applications in a multitude of vehicular platforms. Exide has meticulously crafted models of lead-acid batteries that are tailored for e-rickshaws, emphasizing durability and cost-effectiveness.

Lithium-Ion Battery: This modern battery technology is rapidly gaining traction owing to its high energy density and impressive longevity. Exide, always staying abreast with the latest technological advancements, provides e-rickshaw operators with lithium-ion options, ensuring better efficiency albeit at a slightly higher cost.

Product Range

Exide takes pride in its diverse range of batteries, designed to cater to varied needs and financial constraints:

  • Standard Range: This range is designed keeping in mind the budget constraints of customers, offering them affordable solutions without compromising on performance.
  • Premium Range: Geared towards those who seek longevity and unparalleled performance, this range might be slightly pricier but guarantees superior quality and durability.

Factors Affecting the Price

Multiple factors play a role in determining the final price of an Exide e-rickshaw battery:

  • Capacity: Naturally, batteries with a higher capacity, offering longer driving ranges, are priced higher.
  • Technology: Lithium-ion batteries, given their advanced technology and benefits, are more expensive than lead-acid batteries.
  • Warranty: Batteries backed by a longer or more comprehensive warranty period may come with a steeper price tag.
  • Demand and Supply: Prices can fluctuate based on seasonal demands or any disruptions in the supply chain.
  • Economic Factors: External factors such as inflation, taxation policies, and import duties can also affect the final price of the battery.

How to Access the Exide E Rickshaw Battery Price List?

Staying updated with the latest prices is essential for making an informed purchasing decision. Exide ensures that its battery price list is easily accessible:

  • Official Website: Exide’s official website is a reliable source for the most recent prices, detailed product specifications, and any ongoing promotional offers.
  • Distributors and Dealers: For those who prefer physical interaction, approaching Exide’s vast network of distributors and dealers can be beneficial. They can provide the latest price list, discounts, or any special offers.
  • Third-party e-commerce platforms: Many online platforms, like Amazon or Flipkart, and specialized automotive parts websites, often feature Exide products, complete with their current prices and customer reviews.


Understanding the Exide e-rickshaw battery price list involves recognizing the blend of advanced technology, the brand’s reputation, after-sales services, and the ever-changing dynamics of market demand and supply. For consumers, it’s paramount to look beyond just the present price. Factors such as battery life, operational efficiency, and long-term service support should also influence their purchase decisions. With the e-rickshaw industry witnessing significant growth and evolution, Exide, fortified by its rich legacy and commitment to innovation, is expected to remain a dominant player in this arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Why are Lithium-ion batteries more expensive than Lead-Acid batteries in e-rickshaws? 

Lithium-ion batteries are generally priced higher due to their advanced technology, higher energy density, and longer lifespan compared to traditional Lead-Acid batteries.

  1. Where can I find the latest Exide e-rickshaw battery price list?

The most recent Exide e-rickshaw battery price list can be accessed on Exide’s official website, from Exide’s distributors and dealers, or from third-party e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Flipkart.

  1. Does a higher capacity battery always guarantee longer driving ranges for e-rickshaws?

Yes, a higher-capacity battery typically offers a longer driving range. However, the actual range can also depend on factors like the e-rickshaw’s overall efficiency, load, and driving conditions.